General/Civil Mediation

Have a problem with a neighbor? Have an employment problem? Have problems with a landlord or a tenant? Many, many other problems and complications that could get serious if not resolved. 

If you do not want to go to court, solve it in mediation

Types of ​Mediations:

Family Mediation

Families are going through enough in these hard times. Whether you are married or never been married. Mediation can help you resolve your conflict and not get tied up in court for years, spending money that you either do not have or do not want to spend with no guarantee of a result you want. 

In mediation you have 100% say in development of the plan and if signed by all parties.

*BS (Pre Law)

This could be your case! Resolution without court!

Domestic Violence 

Many divorces and break ups are due to domestic violence. Whether it be emotional, psychological, physical, financial, or any other type. Sometimes mediation is a faster process for those that have been victimized whether male or female. Abuse has no gender. Mediation is attempted with the abused. If necessary, the parties can be separated in what is called a caucus and the mediation continues with both parties in separate rooms if necessary. No judgments, no taking sides.

Elderly Care Conflict Mediation 

Have an elderly person in your family that you are concerned their aging capabilities, or meddling family members? Concerns of elderly abuse or neglect but do not want to go to court? Attempt to settle it together in mediation. 
​No judgments, no taking sides.

Mediation Services

I am a Rule 31 Mediator in Tennessee for the following:
* Family mediation's for divorcing families
* Never married families
* General/Civil
*Elderly care.

Quality care while remaining neutral to both parties, hearing their needs, and work toward a resolution that everyone can agree with. 

What is Mediation: 

The mediator doesn't take sides, does not coerce one side or both to come to a resolution, and does not attempt to resolve the parties issues, while attempting to assist all in their disagreement by equally hearing from each side, in an attempt to reduce tension between all. The mediator assists in possibly drafting an agreement, and hopefully all can compromise with a mutually agreed outcome. 

*******  Those involved in mediation have 100% say in the outcome of the agreement as opposed to a judge telling them!