Social Work References:

*Character references from known various attorneys, child support attorneys, and dcs workers all over East Tennessee. Some below:

 “...I have worked with Ms. Foisy in Knox County Juvenile Court on cases involving dependency and neglect where I have been appointed as Guardian ad Litem. Ms. Foisy played an integral support role as a BSW case manager....” (as well as mediation cases) Attorney Heidi Wegrn


To Whom It May Concern:                                                                                                     04/30/16

        I am a practicing attorney in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Foisy in her capacity as case manager for several of my Guardian ad Litem clients.  I have been thoroughly impressed with Ms. Foisy's dedication to her clients.  She has contacted me at all times of the day or evening when she had important information she needed to share.  She has attended all hearings and has testified in a most professional manner.

       Ms. Foisy has provided vital information in all of my cases.  Through her diligence, I have learned much about the family dynamics of these cases as well as the strengths and needs of my clients.  She has demonstrated an uncanny ability to assess the problem presented and find an answer for her client.  She has not only provided resources for her clients, but she has followed through to ensure that those resources were utilized.

       Ms. Foisy has always made herself available, and blessedly, she returns calls promptly. She has been an asset to my practice, and I feel sure she has been an invaluable employee for Solution Source.  

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"​I found Ms. Foisy to be very professional and responsive to the family's needs. She could empathize and appropriately analyze the problems the family was facing and seek remedies. I believe her personal experiences allow her to relate to families in need..."    Attorney Linda Mulligan

Character References

    Mediation References:


"...Besides her excellent work ethic, I've also seen her passion and excitement for legal work. Most impressive to me as an attorney and mediator, is her ability to keep her "hats" on straight. She understands the complex ethical territory involved in changing flawlessly from social work role to her mediator role..." Attorney and Executive Director, Jacqueline O. Kittrell